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In case you haven’t been reading the past 12 days’ posts, then let me catch you up to speed.

I was really impressed by a recent email that I received from John Reese, one of the “grandmasters” (it’s just my way of avoiding the overused term “guru”) of internet marketing, entitled “12 Of My Most Valuable Mini-Lessons For Your Business”.

These lessons range from mistakes to avoid, to making strategic decisions, of how to get cash flow to come in the fastest, etc.

So here is the bonus lesson…


* See how I’m over-delivering as mentioned in the first lesson? :)


Just because you spend hours a day online doesn’t mean you’re working on your business.

You can do ‘research’ forever and never make a cent.

You need to be spending most of your time on:

– Generating Traffic
– Communicating With Your Customers (i.e. blog, list, etc.)
– Creating Content

Don’t fall into the trap of reading blogs & forums, chatting on Facebook or Twitter, checking stats, reading news, etc. for hours upon hours.

Just know that almost all of that stuff (with rare exception) is LOSING YOU MONEY more than making you money.


How often do you play this trick on yourself?  Personally, I feel pretty convicted, because this is a trick that I have  subconsciously played on myself many, many times.

Granted, sometimes there are legitimate tasks and work to be done, which don’t make money, but when I believe the illusion that I need to complete every single task that I get distracted by (whether they’re easy or hard), so that I can make money, I end up creating more obstacles for myself – in other words, just dumb excuses.

Overall, I encourage you (and myself) to be more aware of how “busy” we really are.

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